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Publications – M.Sc. Nico Bremer


  • Bremer N,  Tria FDK Skejo J Martin WF: The ancestral mitotic state: Closed orthomitosis with intranuclear spindles in the syncytial last eukaryotic common ancestor. Genome Biol Evol evad016 (2023). PDF


  • Bremer N, Knopp M, Martin WF, Tria FDK: Realistic gene transfer to gene duplication ratios identify different roots in the bacterial phylogeny using a tree reconciliation method. Life 12:995 (2022). PDF
  • Bremer N, Tria FDK, Skejo J, Garg SG, Martin WF: Ancestral state reconstructions trace mitochondria but not phagocytosis to the last eukaryotic common ancestor. Genome Biol Evol 14:evac079 (2022). PDF


  • Skejo J, Garg SG, Gould SB, Hendriksen M, Tria FDK, Bremer N, Franjevic D, Blackstone NW, Martin WF: Evidence for a syncytial origin of eukaryotes from ancestral state reconstruction. Genome Biol Evol 13:evab096 (2021). PDF
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