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The major topics currently under investigation in our laboratory are:

At the moment we are particularly interested in endosymbiosis and the origin of eukaryotes. This is an important topic that goes back 100 years. I translated Mereschkowsky's seminal 1905 paper on this topic from German into English, it is a very worthwhile read and can be downloaded undefinedhere. A review summarizing the majors issues that we currently recognize at the forefront of the field of eukaryote origins is available undefinedhere. Sometimes I get requests for various figures that have appeared in my papers, click here to view and download from the current gallery. For whatever reason, people often ask me "Where did the nucleus come from?" – my critique of existing models and my own alternative model can be found in a paper published in 1999 (PDF).


Experimental Tools

Our experimental tools in the laboratory are:

  • Standard biochemistry (enzyme purification, kinetic studies, etc.),
  • Standard molecular biology (cloning, sequencing, gene expression analysis, PCR),
  • Analysis of active enzymes overexpressed in E. coli or other systems,
  • Cell fractionation and organelle isolation (for proteomics and enzyme localization),
  • Molecular evolution at the computer (phylogeny, gene and genome analysis, bioinformatics).


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