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Welcome to the Institute of Molecular Evolution at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. Our main scientific interests are endosymbiosis, cell evolution, genome evolution and compartmentalized energy metabolism with emphasis on chloroplasts, mitochondria, and hydrogenosomes.



Origin of Life

Movie of the origin of life-theory developed by M.J. Russell and W.F. Martin



The Symbiotic Origin of Eukaryotes

Movie of the symbiotic origin of eukaryotes-theory developed by W.F. Martin

Photosynthetische Schnecken (in German)

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External Gallery

Most of our current research focuses on protists. We recommend that you visit Wim van Egmond's Micropolitan Museum to see some of the best images of protists available anywhere.



Evolutionary Networks: Organisms, Reactions, Molecules undefinede-norm


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